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Journey started in 2014 -15 with only 3 members, with an aim of producing some equality consulting on DWH , Big Data and IoT focused system integration and product development. Today we are 68 members strong and still growing.

We have been joined in our journey by many great names, worked for great companies, such as, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata.

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To Enable Businesses for Data Driven Decisions

Our team works with yours to resolve your challenges through our innovative and inventive IoT and Big Data solutions and services.

We learn about your business and craft solutions that are the best fit for you.

What We Do

Our Services

We offer an array of integrated services that combine top of the range technology and deep sector expertise, based on learning of our team members who are one of the oldest students in their domains.

  • Data and App Migration

    Data and App Migration

    Database or Application migration projects are complex, but the benefits of migrating your database to Cloud or Open Source Databases are significantly greater than the challenges migrations can present.

    Being able to anticipate and prepare for the inevitable challenges with the first migration is key to continued success. METIS has been part of many Data Migration projects one of the key projects of moving 17 years old National Database of Pakistan has also been performed by METIS in record time.

    This breadth of experience means we see many potential issues before they become actual problems. METIS will save you time, money and pain, because we manage the whole lifecycle seamlessly with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    Some say Data is new OIL, but like oil needs to be stored in respective clean form to use in meaningfull manner, Data needs to be cared for and polished in order to serve your organisations larger goals.

    METIS has been working with larger TELECOM companies and smaller and medium organisations to perform continous change of data and capture the truth that your organisation need in order to build a better decision making system, our experts can help you in a sustainable fashion for this important function.

  • Data Ware Housing

    Data Ware Housing

    Operational and transactional systems grow in any large enterprise and form the silos of information that are hard to report on. Building a Data Warehouse enables separation of reporting from transactional data stores, organizes the data suitable for query and allows slicing/dicing.

    Data from disparate sources is brought together via Extract Transform Load (ETL) and ingestion through Map Reduce (Hadoop) tool-set into the warehouse. May it be Telecoms or National Databases , Metis has a team of experts that can work with you from conception of important project till Go Live.

  • Establishing Data Lake

    Establishing Data Lake

    Modren organisations today have multiple types of data , structured, unstructured even semi strcutured , that too in massive volumes it is becoming difficult for organisations to deliver timely insights they need a data storage and analytics solution that offers more agility and flexibility than traditional data management systems.

    A modern Data Lake is a new and increasingly popular way to store and analyze data (both structured and unstructured), via a central repository, that addresses the need to delivery insights in a timely manner with both agility and flexibility. Since data can be stored as-is, there is no need to convert it to a predefined schema. Metis can work with you through a workshop to identify the type of Data Lake you need and we can develop

    1. 1 - On Premise Data Lakes
    2. 2 - Cloud Azure/AWS Data Lakes
  • AI & Machine Learning

    AI & Machine Learning

    Metis helps companies analyze massive amounts of data and gain insights to propel businesses forward with data-driven services and products. We believe in the discipline and art of scientific inquiry, value creativity and imagination, and place “human centered” approach at the center of our work.

    We use techniques from data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to understand and solve business challenges and reach goals. We help client make predictions about future, reducing risk and improving profitability.

  • Deep Learning

    AI & Machine Learning

    Deep learning is the ideal way to provide big data predictive analytics solutions as data volume and complexity continues to grow, creating a need for increased processing power and more advanced graphics processors.

    With deep learning, organizations are able to harness the power of unstructured data such as images, text, and voice to deliver transformative use cases that leverage techniques like AI, image interpretation, automatic translation, natural language processing, and more. Metis has been working with Federal Organisation to perform following use cases

    1. 1 - Object Identification
    2. 2 - Image Classification

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Over 86% of our team is cleared to work on Sensitive Mission Critical Support for our customers.


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Proud to know that 97% Customer Satisfaction is what we deliver to our customers.


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Culture and benefits that keep a 95% employee retention rate company-wide.

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